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Monday - Friday: 7:30AM - 5:00PM

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Robert's Car Care

If you're in or around Youngtown AZ, RCC is THE best little auto shop to take you vehicle to.

Man and Machine

    Since the caveman invented the wheel man has always looked for a way to improve it. From early wooden wheeled wagons to today's modern muscle cars, there's always been a guy that wanted to make it better, make it his own. I really can't recall ever owning a car that I could just leave alone. Whether it was different wheels, stereo or exhaust, it needed some improvement. At the shop over the years we have helped quite a few car guys and gals fulfill their ideas and dreams. Currently we are working on a 65 Mustang. The owner has had this car since high school and now after almost 50 years its time to make it better. We are replacing the tired under powered 6 cylinder with a 306 inch Ford V-8. To help steer and stop we are also upgrading the brakes and installing power steering. A few years back we were approached by a customer who has a 1977 Dodge Royal Monaco. The car was driven by his mother and had been in storage for 16 years. His request was to keep the car as original looking as possible, but make it fast. I have to say, at first I couldn't understand why, but I have to admit when it was done, the smile on Gary's face answered my question. My favorite is the red Chevy truck pictured. When our daughter was old enough to drive, she wanted a truck. We purchased this 86 Chevy from a friend. The truck was blue and spent many years in the Arizona desert. Lauren spent 2 summers at the shop working on her truck and drove it for 2 years until it was stolen last March. I'll keep you posted on the Mustang build as it progresses along with the smile on the owners face. Till next time......

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