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Monday - Friday: 7:30AM - 5:00PM

Saturday, Sunday: Closed 

Robert's Car Care

If you're in or around Youngtown AZ, RCC is THE best little auto shop to take you vehicle to.


Hello, My name is Robert Winefsky and my wife Gwyneth and I own and operate Youngtown Car Care. I'd like to take a few minutes to introduce ourselves and our staff. I have been in the automotive business since high school, so long ago that I remember when the gas cap was behind the license plate and one key opened the door and one worked the ignition. I started in a time when carburetors and points were being replaced by fuel injection and electronic ignition and have seen many changes over the years. Gwyneth runs the front office, ordering parts and shuttling customers, but most of all she is the voice of reason and glue that holds it all together. We are lucky to have great employees like Ray Walton who also brings 30 plus years of experience and a very detail oriented work ethic which sometimes clashes with my shall we say less organized Recently we hired a UTI graduate to work as an apprentice. Andy Trujillo fits in well here and is always eager to learn. I'm sure with a little guidance he is going to be a great asset. That just leaves Dylan or shall I say mini me. Dylan is our 11 year old son, he has spent the past 2 summers working here and a prouder Dad I could not be. We also have a daughter Lauren, who is in college and has no desire to be involved in the family business, but she has her own dreams and goals that we are proud of. I will try and fill these pages with useful information like seasonal maintenance and progress on some of the repairs and projects we take in, but I will also add a little fun with some of our racing escapades and playful antics that go in at the shop. Till next time....

Man and Machine


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